Recruiting Process Recruiting Process

We believe that our interview process is a great way to get to know you and is also a good opportunity for you to be better acquainting with our company A.T. Kearney and to see whether we are a fit for you.


You can send your full application in English to or apply for a specific job position via our database. Our Recruiting team reviews your CV and if you have all the necessary qualification and experience, invites you for a Prescreening interview.

The first round: Prescreening interview with a consultant

The first interview is conducted with one of our Consultant, who tests your analytical knowledge and communication skills.  If you pass the first round, we will invite you for a Recruiting round, which is the second round of interviews.

Second round—Recruiting Round: Three interviews and a case study

First, you will be asked to take a Recruiting test, which tests your logical and verbal skills. After the test you will have 3 interviews with 3 different consultants, who will assess your compatibility with jobs at A.T. Kearney. The assessment is based on personal characteristics, experience in the industry/function, core competencies (such as teamwork and implementation), and possible impact on customers. You will be also asked to perform a case study. How well you do it will reflect your communication skills, problem-solving skills and your ability to solve typical problems in counseling in a limited period of time.

Third round: Interview with members of the leading team

If you receive 100 points on the test and successfully finish the 3 interviews, you will be after 3 weeks invited to a final interview with the leading team member of A.T. Kearney Southeast Europe.


Please note that some steps can be rescheduled to a later time, depending on our recruiting needs at that moment.



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